155 Angel Number – Hidden Positive Meaning, Significance & Numerology

Are you seeing “155 angel number” more often nowadays? Does its hidden meaning and symbolism make you feel worried? Do you want to know what its significance is in love and career life? If yes, then surely you are present at the right web page.

155 angel number

First of all, we would like to tell you that there is no need to worry as it is purely a positive number in the angel number’s directory. If you are seeing number 155 on repeated terms nowadays, it is actually a good sign for you. Carrying support, affection, love and care of the Guardian Angels, the 155 is going to change your life in a positive way. 

As you are experiencing the auspicious vibrations of 155, it means, the golden opportunities are going to knock at your doors soon, that will turn your bad time into good one. When it comes to love, YES, you are going to meet your other half soon. In short, the angel number 155 hidden meaning, numerology, significance and doreen virtue are going to impact in a positive way. 

Willing to know everything related to this positive angel number in detail? If yes, stay tuned with the article. 

155 Angel Number – Meaning and Significance:

The 155 angel number is the combination of the vibrations of angel number 1 and angel number 5. The number 1 is present once and number 5 is present twice, therefore iit has greater vibrations of number 5, which makes it one of the most powerful positive angel numbers. For complete understanding, let’s first understand what the number 1 and 5 means.  

Number 1:

The number 1’s significance is pointing towards a fresh new start in life. By forgetting the dark memories of the past, it focuses on success, initiative, confidence, determination, powers, positive thoughts and leadership. The person who is seeing this number will resonate with a positive attitude towards every matter. When it comes to wealth, this number emphasizes stability and growth. 

Number 5:

The angel number 5 meaning and significance resembles positive life changes. It focuses on the positive spiritual evolution, freedom, independent life decisions, satisfaction and meeting new positive energies (people) in life. If you are seeing number 5 on repeated terms, then get yourself ready for a change. But don’t worry. The changes will only bring satisfaction and eradicate negative energies from life. 

Number 155:

By combining the meanings and significances of number 1 and 5, we can say that the Angel Number 155 symbolizes a positive change and freedom in your life. It encourages you to keep following your dreams by making your own decisions. Don’t let anyone interfere in your personal choices and goals. 

It is very important to avail the opportunities that are about to knock at your doors. Don’t miss out on them as it is the right time to excel in life and make every decision right – in terms of life, career, relationship. Although it can be an adventurous task; but believe in the Guardian Angels. You might also need some time to accept the changes, but there is nothing to worry about as all changes will bring positivity in the end. 

Angel Number 155 – In terms of Spirituality:

For knowing the 155 angel number spiritual meaning, let’s first convert it into a single number. Breaking it will also help us in understanding its attributes. 

155 = 1+5+5 = 11 = 1+1 = 2 (Similar to the numerology of Angel Number 722)

The 155 numerology gives with a master angel number 11 that resonates 100% positive energies in one’s life. 

In spirituality, the Number 1 focuses on the motivation, leadership and new beginnings of real big positive things. 

The number 5 tells us about the positive changes that are about to happen, creativity, adaptability and adventure in spirituality. 

The sum of angel number 155 gives us angel number 2 (as a single number). It signifies duality, partnerships, teamworks, harmony, dignity and understanding each other for well-being. 

In short, if we could say that the spiritual meaning of angel number 155 focuses on the positive things just like the angel number 911, it won’t be wrong. 

Angel Number 155 – In Terms of Love:

If you are single and seeing 155 angel number more often nowadays, then there is good news for you. As per the 155 meaning, there will be a new beginning in life and this time, there will be the entry of your better half in life. Yes, you are not going to stay single. 

The angel number 155 love meaning says that soon you are going to meet a very special person who will change your life. He/She might be from your friend’s circle who will confess feelings or might be a stranger who has a crush on you. Either way, then number 155 is going to bring happiness, peace, love, affection and care in your life. 

Angel Number 155 – In Terms of Twin Flame:

In twin flame, the angel number 155 carries a special meaning. It says that this is a time when a perfect mirror of yourself will meet you. The person can be a perfect match for the marriage because you can see a perfect image of yourself in him. As per the looks, habits, behaviors, likes, dislikes and other things, you can find your exact image in that person. 

Apart from choosing this person as your romantic partner, you can also find that specific person as your teacher, friend or guide. But in short, you are soon going to meet your twin flame. 

The Biblical Meaning of Number 155:

As per the 155 angel number biblical meaning, the number 1 focuses on the unity of mankind and supremacy of God. It also says as God is only one, therefore, His Supremacy is above all. 

When it comes to the number 5, it emphasizes on acknowledging God’s grace on all Universe work. The number 155 itself is saying that God is Supreme. He created everything with his Grace and this world is just an example of His work. All the things we are seeing in the Universe reminds us of the Powers of God and we should be always thankful to Him. 


The Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters are sending the vibrations of 155 Angel Number to tell us about the change that is going to happen in our life. We must accept it whole heartedly as it is going to bring us in the right direction with lots of positive energies. Yes, it will be a positive change that will make us stronger in our decisions, clearer in our goals, gives us freedom, brings positivity, leadership skills, happiness and many other things. So, if you are seeing 155 number on repeated terms, then cheer up yourself and get ready to accept the change.  

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